Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is located in the farthest north of Thailand. More than 90% of the area are mountains or as called in Thai "Doi" or "Phu". These mountains peaks rise to the elevation of 1500-2000 meters above sea level. Therefore, they playan important part in creating many important rivers such as Kok River, Khong River, Ing River, Kham River Lao River, Sai River.
The territory of Chiang Rai connects to Myanmar, Laos, Lamphang, Phayao, and Chiang Mai.
Tourist attractions in Chiang Rai town are mostly cultural and historical ones, especially temples and museums. In the evening, find some nice guorment restaurants with fantastic atmosphere near the bridge across Kok River or near the clock tower intersection or lacally called "Ha Yak Phor Khun". After that you can simply indulge yourself with various products in the night bazaar market.
It is the most convenient to visit Chiang Rai town in the last day after having visited all the hills outside town. This is because you can directly fly back to Bangkok from Chiang Rai International Airport wich is only 8 kilometers away from town.

Phu Kra Dueng, The bell shaped Mountain in Loei

Phu Kra Dueng  or Kra Dueng Mountain is the popular national park in the north-east of Thailand. It located in Loei province of Thailand.
Because of  the flat bell shaped moutain, so it called Phu Kra Dueng. Happend on sand stone Jurasic period. The top of the mountain is a flat land which area approx. 10 sq.km. The top of Phu Kra Duneng is 1,250 meters high above sea level.

Because of its shape which have flat land, on Phu Kra Dueng have many interesting points ;
Pha Mark Dook, Pha Lom Sak, Pha Nok An etc. (Pha means cliff), on the view point of each Pha (cliff) you can see the panoramic view of Loei and near by mountain for eg. Phu Luang and Phu Pha Jit, with the bird eye view. You can enjoy strolling from Pha to Pha ( one cliff to another cliff) in a circle without boring. The round trip from the camping area to furthest point (Pha Lom Sak) is around 20 km. which is the place where we can take a sun set photo (see picture)

In the north part of the top, it is rain forest where you can go treking by your 2 legs. Treking in rain forest is very exciting, you can see Maple on the way to Khun Pong waterfall and other waterfalls. The trip to rain forest take whole day which its distance approx. 30km.

How to Get There:

It is very easy to acces Phu Kra Dueng by bus. There are many buses depart Northern bus terminal daily. The bus will arrive Pha Nok Kow around 4.00am. from Pha Nok Kow there is a local bus which will bring you to PhuKra Dung National Park. Before start walking (climbing) to the top, you have to contact officer and see the exhibition first.

From National Park office, first kilometer is very steep, you will get sweat and very tired. The first stop called "Sam Hag" . However, you can enjoy drinking and eating along the way to the top. The distance from land to the top is 5 km. (on slope) and 3 km. on the flat top to camping area

The good season to visit is begining of winter or around begining of November till February from March to May is quite hot and not green. During thr rainny season (July-October) it's closed, because of danger. The soid collapsed and caused many visitors died in pass history. However, Phu Kra Dueng during rainny season is very beautiful of wild blossoms, if you'd like to visit Phu Kra Dueng, you have to contact National Park officer in advance for safety purpose.

Bangalows and Tents are available for visitors to rent. It's the regulation of Forestry Department, that the accomodation of National Park will be open for reservation 1 month calandar in advance. Visitors can carry your own tents and do camping in the specific area as they allowed with a small fee. The foods and refreshment is wildly sold. You don;t need to carry the drinking water to the top.

Communication in Thailand

The official language in Thailand is Thai, and although there are many different dialects, the Bangkok dialect is the most common and the one taught in schools. In the far south visitor may encounter a derivation of Malay, but these areas tend to be off the beaten tourist track and prone to occasional political unrest. In practice, english is spoken or at least understood by many Thais, especially those involved in the Tourism areas, so you shouldn’t have too many problems with communicating.
Thailand has an extensive payphone system and the bright yellow Lenso phones allow overseas calls, and are both easy to spot and plentiful. The international dialing code for Thailand is +66 and when dialing overseas from Thailand the access code is 001.

Phone cards can be purchased at most convenience stores.

Thailand operates the GSM mobile network which has widespread coverage in all but the most remote areas. International roaming from your own carrier should work but can be expensive, so consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card from any of the local carriers. Some of the carriers will lock your phone to their network on the first installation, so be sure to check before you buy.

Internet access in Thailand is plentiful and on the whole fairly inexpensive, but prices do vary considerably so it pays to look around. Internet cafes are generally the cheapest, while tourist destinations and hotels can be much more expensive. Many hostels and budget hotels now provide free or at least inexpensive internet access via WiFi or DSL connection. If you plan on doing internet banking whilst in Thailand, there have been reports of some of the cheaper internet cafes installing “keylogger” software on their computers, so be on your guard, or take your own laptop. Another option is to use GPRS on your mobile. This is available through all of the major carriers at a reasonable price with generally fast speeds

Chiang Mai floral show

A one-stop service centre is being established to make it easier for tourists planning to visit the International Horticultural Exposition Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 when they reserve rooms and tour packages, a press conference was told yesterday.

Tourism entrepreneurs, tourist vehicle providers, hotels and restaurants in Chiang Mai were told to plan and work together to serve the tourists under the one-stop service centre concept, said Sarawut Saetiao, president of the Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association.

To make online room reservations, tourists can click www.asiatravel.com - the official website for reservations.

"Thirty countries have confirmed to visit the event as we've targeted. We also expect that there will be more than 2 million visitors to the event - 90 per cent of them will be locals and the rest will be foreigners. It will generate Bt25 billion, which won't be less than the first time of organising the event, as this time it will last 99 days while the first one lasted 90 days," said Kampol Nisitsukcharoen whose company was appointed to promote the event.

Sarawut said since European countries and the US were facing economic recession and Thailand's political transition caused a delay of the event's marketing plan in those countries, he targeted more visitors would be from Asian countries, including China, Singapore, Malaysian, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 is held from November this year to January 2012.

Kampol said there would be four new gardens plus 23 current gardens and there would be more academic activities and contests