Thai Songkran History

Songkran is considered the Thai New Year. The word Songkran comes from Sansakrit language which means passing or moving. It is the moving of the sun to Aries.

Once upon a time before Buddhist Era, there is a millionaire family that suffered due to they have no sun to extend the family. There was a man next door who always drunken said to the millionaire that his life is better than the millionaire event he has no money but he has a children to extend his family. Since then, the millionaire started praying to the sun and the moon to ask for a sun. but three year passed by, it was no result.

One day, it is the Songkran day. The millionaire went to a big banyan tree. He ordered his followers to wash rice with clean water 7 times, and cooked the rice to sacrifice the gods who dwelled there. The gods felt pity of his suffer. So they went to meet the Indra god to ask for help. Indra god ordered a god named “Thammaban” to born in the millionaire family.
Prince Dhammaban was very genius. The fame of his genius reached to a god name “King Kabilaprom”. The king would like to test his intelligent by asking three questions:
1. Where is human’s splendor (good signs) in the morning?
2. Where is human’s splendor in the midday?
3. Where is human’s splendor in the night?
The condition was he willing to sacrifice his head if the answer correct, meanwhile if the prince Thammaban gave the wrong answer, he must die as well.The prince could not answer immediately. So he negotiated to answer the question within seven days. After six days, the prince still could not get the answer. He left out from his palace to jungle.
He was tried and lied down under a big tree. In the tree, there was a bird family in a nest.

A female bird asked the husband where to search for food tomorrow. The male bird said no need to search for food tomorrow as they would eat the prince Thammaban meat after he was killed. The female bird asked for the story, and the male bird told her the entire story and said that he knew the answers were:
1. The human’s splendor (good signs) is in the face in the morning. That’s why people wash their face in the morning.
2. The human’s splendor is in the chest in the midday. That’s why people paint their chest with perfume in the midday.
3. The human’s splendor is in the foot in the night. That’s why people wash their foot before go to bed.
The prince knew the bird language. He went back to palace and correct answers the question in the day after. The king needed to cut his head as promised. He then called his seven daughters; Tungsatevee, Korakatevee, Ragsotevee, Montatevee, Kirineetevee, Kimitatevee, and Mahotorntevee to assign the duty to carry his head after it was cut because his head was very powerful. If his head touch the earth, the world would be on fire. If the head touch the ocean, it would be drought. And there would be no rain and a serious drought would also occurred if his head was thrown to the sky.
The seven daughters needed to carry the head of the king clockwise around the mountain called Phra Sumane. Once Songkran day (13 of April), falls on any day, that year would be honored by that Nang Songkran. This year 2009 (BE 2543) 13 April is match to Monday. So, we have Korakatevee to be Nag Sonkran. She wears yellow dress with pearl ornaments, preferred butter oil, dagger in the right hand, walking cane in the left hand, tiger as the vehicle.
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Thai coins and banknotes for travellers

Thailand currency is “Baht”. One baht equal 100 Satang. Nowadays, Satang is rarely use. For those who visit Thailand and would like to check your current ex-change rate, please visit

In the present time, Thai government by the ministry of Finance announced to use the banknotes and coins as follows:
25 Satang, 50 Satang, 1Baht, 2 Baht, 5 Baht, 10 Baht

20 Baht, 50 Baht, 100 Baht, 500 Baht, 1000 Baht

1 Baht is a round, diameter 20mm sized iron coated with nickel coin. In one side of the coin shows picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej. The other side shows picture of Wat Pra Kaeo or the temple of the Emerald Buddha that located in the Grand Palace. Wat Phra Kaeo is the most renowned temple. In the temple, there is the Emerald Buddha statue that has the long history. This temple is considered as the temple of the King Rama I. It was built in 1782.

2 Baht: It is a new coin in term of everyday used coin. It is a 21.75mm Dim sized coin. Firstly, the Thai Treasury Department announced the silver coin with . aluminum bronze material. However, there is confusion of the users between 1 baht and 2 baht as it size is quite the same. The Thai Treasury Department then re-announced the revised color of this coin to be gold for the solution.
The picture of the coin still remains the same design. In one side is the picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej. The other side is the picture of Wat Sra Ket or Phu Khao Thong. This is the temple that King Rama I washed his head after returning back from the war in Cambodia. So, this is the reason that why the temple was called “Sra Ket” which means “Washing Head”.
The gold mountain is considered as the highest place in Bangkok. It is a small mountain that located the gold pagoda in the top of the mountain. Visitors can see Bangkok from the high view from this Gold Mountain.

5 Baht, a Dim. 24.00mm sized coin has a various styles in the other side of the coin. But in one main side still shows the picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej.
1.) Benchamabophit temple, or Wat Ben style. The temple shows in that picture is Benchamabophit Temple. This temple was built in the era of the King Rama V. It is the Thai and Western style mixed architecture. It is also called temple of marble as the material used in building this temple is marble.
2.) The Suphanahongse Barge: This is the older style of this coin. The picture of this coin shows the most impressive and important barge, the Suphanahongse Barge, which is His Majesty the King’s personal barge. This was built in 1911. With 44.7 Meters long and 3.1 meters wide. The prow of the barges is carved in the shape of the head of a mythological swan figure.
Every year, when there is the time of Kra Thin, (set of new robes offered to Buddhist monks) The event held around early of November, His Majesty the King will take this royal barge as a vehicle to go to a temple to make a royal donation. In the event there will be many of Thais and foreigner waiting to see his Majesty the King and the beautiful and greatest royal barge along the side of the Chao Phraya River.
3.) The coin with pictured by symbol of His Majesty the King 50th anniversary on His throne: This style creates to celebrate the 50th anniversary of His Majesty the King on His throne.

10 Baht, the biggest, and the most value Thai coin. It is a different style with the others coin as the coin has two parts; the rim and the center. The rim of the coin looks similar to the other coins, while the middle part is metallic
One side of the coin shows picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej.
The other side shows picture of the Temple of the Dawn, or Wat Arun Ratchawararam. Wat Arun Temple is considered as Bangkok landmark. Many of organization in Bangkok use the picture of Arun Aemple as a logo.

20 Baht banknote: The lowest value of Thai banknote is 20 Baht.
It is a green banknote. One side show picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej. And the other side shows picture of the King Rama VIII
Sometime, there is possible that you can get the old style of this 20 banknote.
It is showing picture of King Taksin on a horse and surrounded with his soldiers. King Taksin is the King who save sovereignty of Krung Sri Ayuttaya from Burma.

50 Baht banknote: This is one of the banknote that has various styles. The recent style that usually see in everyday is the picture of King Rama IV standing beside the telescope and the atlas. King Rama IV is considered the king who expert in the astronomy. He was the one who predicted that there would be the Eclipse of the sun at Prachaup Kirikhan, Thailand. On 18 August 1868. And it was exactly true.

100 Baht: The red banknote that normally used in everyday. The picture shows the King Rama VI who had freed the slaves and changed Thailand to the land of civilization as westerners.

500 Baht: The banknote in purple color. It shows the picture of King Rama I, who was the first King in Chakri Royal Family.

1000 Baht: The bank note is considered as the highest value of the bank note in everyday life.
The other side shows picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej and the Pasak Jolasit Dam, the dam that His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej initiated to build in order to provide water to the plantations in the Pasak valley and lower Chao Phraya valley. The dam also decreases problems of water management in Bangkok by allowing more flood control,

Suggestion for those who carry the Thai money: You might need to separate the banknote you’ve got by grouping each value in order to avoid mistake and confusion when using.

For more information, visit www.treasury.go.th/ and http://www.bangkokview.com/