Bankok History

Bangkok, Thailand's capital, was founded in 1782 by King Rama I (named Yodfa Chulaloke). Bankok is called by the Thais “Krung Thep”, which means “City Of Angels”. Bangkok is located on the low-flat plain of the Chao Phya River which flows from the North down to the Gulf of Thailand. In the old days, Bangkok was just a small agricultural and fishing village where people traveled mainly by rowing boats. After Krung Sri Ayuthaya, an ancient capital of 417 years old, was finally conquered and severely destroyed by the Burmese. With patriotism, a nobleman named "Taksin" led Thai people to fight against the Burmese army, and finally managed to drive them out of the country. After the final victory, General Taksin assumed the throne, he decided to establish the new capital called "Krung Thonburi", because Ayuthaya was too large for his small army to protect. He was later named "King Taksin the Great", and ruled over Krung Thonburi for 14 years. Unfortunately, King Taksin was overthrown and executed by a group of his own noblemen.Bangkok was instituted as the new capital in 1782 by Yodfa Chulaloke. Being a far-sighted man, Yodfa Chulaloke saw that Krung Thonburi would be too small to be a great capital in the future; he then moved the capital to another side of Chao Phya Riverbank. The location was then selected with the consideration as a natural defense from enemies and the richness of water for lives earning. Yodfa Chulaloke succeeded the throne and was the 1st Monarch of the present Chakri Dynasty.

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